Top notch quality: 2018 Alpine A110

07/12/2017 23:33:45
Top notch quality: 2018 Alpine A110
2018 Alpine A110 - a brilliant, modern, retro-look sports car with a nice cabin, a great engine and superb build and features

Sometimes automakers pursue to make their vehicles ligher with better performance, and that makes them sacrifice a lot. We can’t even imagine how much work one of these cars need, how delicate they are and how much tender and loving care they need to keep working properly. But in the case of the new Alpine A110 things are a bit different.



Renault Sport, the people who make the new 2018 Alpine A110, have not used any big words and empty promises about the quality and durability of the sports car. Instead, they are showing you what this little gem of a car can take by actually putting it through a number of rigorous and unforgiving durability tests. What this means is you can daily drive the Alpine come rain or sunshine, enjoy its sweet performance, and don’t worry about it going wrong.  The tests are thorough and even include ensuring the mechanical parts won’t corrode easily by simulating a salt spray. This is presumably for that one 2018 Alpine A110 buyer who lives by the sea! The A110 is also tested extensively on gravel so should you fancy a spot of rallying it can do that too, and it’s been exposed to an inordinate amount of dust to ensure the sealing and the overall build quality is top notch.



The more we learn about the new Alpine A110 the more we fall in love with it. Here’s a brilliant, modern, retro-look sports car with a nice cabin, a great engine and superb build and features, and then there is the Alfa Romeo 4C with its shoddy build, lack of features, cramped interior and no luggage compartment. Hmmm…


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